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Photo Print or Laser Print

The technique we use for printing photo is laser print which is the latest one in use. We provide you with supreme photo quality on ID Card finished by Laser print technology, which gives perfect look and appears lucid.

Featured products

Metallic colour product : We bring in metallic colour products for reputed clients. The technology we apply is very innovative and the output is really mesmerizing. The product is of best quality with long term durability and Attractive designs, simple to carry which comes in handy. Our clients can have special designs for product as per their neeed. We offer cost efficient products to a lot of areas in india.

Metallic Finishing : We present Cards with metallic finishing which allow your logo on your card to glitter, highlight your name or any other area of card, if you are looking for membership card, business card, ID Cards or any other purpose cards. metallic finished cards are exactly the right choice. It gives a classy look to your uniqueness and boost your prestige.

Clients can have a range of designs to choose from for their cards and we give absolute client satisfaction and products with affordable prices.

Card Software : We make use of Julie Software as it is the best software which gives exact design and accurate print for cards as per our client desire.

Types of lanyards cards

1. Best quality lanyard : We supply lanyards of best quality to hang down ID Cards, badges, etc. we supply lightweight lanyard for purposes like business, hospitals, exhibitions. Lanyards produced by us are made of best fibers offered and have supreme finishing. You can also have a clip attached at the end of lanyard to dangle an ID Card .

You can obtain lanyards of sizes 14mm or 12mm depending on your need.

We ensure the best quality of product at reasonable prices.

2. Satin lanyard : We also provide short lanyards for putting in items like pens, business cards or tools which are trouble-free to carry. you can even use short lanyards as key chains.

The fabric, design and style of lanyard can be chosen by the client depending on their need. We provide lanyards of sizes 20mm and 16mm which are long-lasting, and the product is cost efficient.

Multicolor Lanyard : We put forward multicolor lanyards to go well with your style, We design lanyards by quality material under management of professional experts and by making use of latest techniques.

We offer a wide range of multicolor lanyards and client can have more options to choose from. We made available multicolor lanyards of sizes 20mm and 16mm to our clients. Products manufactured by us are sturdy with longer durability. You will be fully satisfied with the mesmerizing colours and quality of the product we deliver.


1. Apple : We offer ID Cards of apple shape for kids of nursery to UKG, The product is of standard quality and safe for kids to dangle round their neck which is soft by material. we supply longer durable product and you can have this apple shape ID Card at an affordable price.

2. Mango : We offer mango shape ID Cards for nursery kids to UKG kids. The shapes of ID Cards are perfect and standard in quality. Card clamp at the end is fitted to dangle the card or even you can have the Id card with hook system to attach with the lanyard. These shape of Id cards seems appealing for kids.

3. Heart shape : Heart shape id cards are also available here. Heart shaped cards is a great choice for nursery to UKG kids, an Id card must be attached always to kids at school and this shape of Id card is really cute for kids. You can have clamp fitting for card or other as required by your need.

4. Nano : We introduce Nano Id cards for 1st and 2nd standard children, These cards are easy to carry and comes with Id card accessories. The accessories can be chosen by you which ever you would like to have for dangling an Id card, an innerclip, lanyard clip or yoyo.

5.D-1 : For School and college students we introduce D-1 Id cards which are made available in vertical and horizontal shapes as per your choice. we manufacture Id cards using finest material and the printed information and photo comes very accurate. we design the product using top techniques.

6. Front and back : If you would like to have information to be printed on both sides (front and back side) of Id card then this type of card is the only choice as it‘ s design illustrates your information in most excellent way.

We made obtainable these Front and Back printed Id cards for Engineering and Degree students and you can even choose whether to have the card in horizontal or vertical in shape.

Acrylic : We bring in Acrylic Id cards which are clear, Transparent and gives a noble appearance. These cards are made available for school students of 1st to 10th class. We offer this type of cards in horizontal shape with absolute finishing and we make use of the finest material for manufacturing the product to ensure customer satisfaction.

Acrylic Id cards are weather resistant and can be used for multiple-purposes, These cards are made very light in weight and tough so they are shatter resistant.

We provide acrylic cards of different colour red, green, yellow, blue and transparent. Clients can choose the design and colour of the card as per their desire. These type of cards look unique and stylish.


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